Yes, It’s daddy


I’ve known my father for being a man of few words. He gives pieces of advice that I could really use as guide in my daily living.

I’ve never seen him got really angry. He’s against on parenthood involving punishments and rudeness because he believes children should grow with love among any elder members of the family.

He’s not strict (maybe when it comes to having boyfriends. HAHAHA!)
He lets us discover our own mistakes. And if we’ve done something wrong, he would talk to us nicely and tell us it should not happen again.

Daddy, I’m really sorry for being an irresponsible daughter to you and sister to my brother.

Thank you for being a provider in our wants, mehehe. Kidding aside, I’m really grateful for you being our dad. You’ve got a bunch of understanding. Hats off for the tons of patience you got.

My aunt said “ang ideal man mo, yung daddy mo.” at first, I didn’t believe her. Then soon I’ve come to realize.

Daddy, even if I got someone special in my life, don’t ever think you’d be replaced in my heart. I will study well, but I can’t promise that I can ace in class.
Even if I meet some prince out there, don’t worry, you’ll always be my forever king.

I love you so much, Daddy! I’d be always your litlle girl, your little princess.


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