It’s mom and dad!

If you’re really for each other, fate has got to do its job. It would take time, but in the end it’s gonna be worth it.

Well, here’s how their story started..

Mom, was an OFW, she works in a hospital somewhere in southwest asia same country as where dad worked in some company.

They met each other because of a common/mutual friend. He served as a bridge, thanks to him, by the way.

Then, dated and get married, then one time, they had a conversation about the past.

It was so cool, mom’s first and last boyfriend was my father.
Then here it goes…

Dad: you know, couple of years ago, I’ve been
using binoculars to had a glimpse of a girl across the building where I worked.
(mom described the building and all their stories was like a puzzle solved.)

Dad had no idea that it was mom all along until they had that conversation..

And now, they were married for eighteen years and counting!

Oh, and one more thing. I find humor really attractive.

I love to see my mom and dad together, i know there are ups and downs, but I love to see them happy.

Mom’s laugh was the jolliest everytime dad does jokes or acts silly.

It gives me good vibes and kilig vibes as well.

I’m really grateful to have them. Thank you, Lord o:-)

They have taught us a lot of things.
Being God-fearing tops the list.
God won’t give trials we can’t surpass. Amen to that. Positivity is the key.


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