SUMMER! better late post than never.

Oh, 2013…..
I had a good start and it’s the middle of the year now. Time really fly so fast, especially when you’re happy.

I had an epic summer.

In April, I didn’t go out much but I did bond with my best friend. Oh, those badminton work-out on road-sides. We even had hard time because of by-passer vehicles. Hahaha!

I accompanied my brother during his basketball clinic as well as his basketball leagues too. I see his determination in pursuing his basketball career, that he doesn’t even have a room for his lovelife hahaha!

And the usual…chores, house chores :))
Oh and I guess, I had charged enough energy for the itineraries on May.

In may, fambam’s complete. I’ve seen mom after two years! I missed her a lot. Huge hugs and kisses for her and dad. Lol

There goes birthday celebrations and other so-called gala’s.

I had a blast!

There have been a lot of “first’s”.

And I feel so grateful for my family and all the people I love are showered with blessings.

To God be the Glory.


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