Summer Hangover part II

We’ve gone to a lot of places, that’s why I feel my summer’s fast-paced. We’ve gone to Ilocos, aaaaah second time around, I missed that paradise. A place I’ll never get tired of going back. We strolled in malls too. Watched movies and pigged out. Hahhaha!

God has showered me a lot of blessings. Summer was well-spent with the whole family and great idiots,oh, my great friends, I mean, lol. And yeah, I had introduced that young man to them. That man whom I didn’t end up being friend-zoned.

I wasn’t expecting my parents’ reaction on that.

As long as I’m happy, and as long as I know my responsibilities, they’ll support me.
Oh, great life it is! I could not ask for more. I feel complete. :’)


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