The Irony of Situations

life’s too ironic, isn’t it? Same with love? With history, that repeats itself?

The world is round, like a ball, a wheel. You can’t always be at the top and you can’t always be down either, there’s a cycle. It’s same with a bouncing ball, what comes up must come down.

Suckish thoughts come and go but some were just stucked in my head and I’m feeling that writing it in a blog would be better.

Being happy and being in pain seemed to go together. Sort of balance.

The person who could make you the happiest could also make you the saddest. They could possibly disappoint you, or break the trust you’ve given them or be keeping on doing same mistakes that they have apologized before.  But you can’t just let go of them because you love them.

But we can’t blame anyone. I, myself, make mistakes.

It’s fine to admit that a person was once stupid, because he made a mistake once and he’ll know better the second time around.

“Life’s not complicated, people are…”

These were some of my thoughts. That’s all.


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