Same time, last year.

It was this same time last year, was totally different from today.

It was integration week back then.
As a college frosh, I participated in this event in the institution wherein I was enrolled. I gained friends. I get to know some of my classmates well and we’re still in the same class today.

There goes le guy friend, the closest I consider back then. He gained my trust. We hang out a lot, eating, food trip to be particular. (he’s to blame that I gained weight. Lol. Kidd) We used to have a lot in common, we talked on random things and awkwardness has no room in our friendship.

And then here goes September 6th of 2013..
Looking back, it seemed we’ve gone far. lol

I’ve never expected nor foreseen that this guy and I will end up like this. I seemed to got “pwned” and “owned” hahaha!

I told my buds that I will never be under his fan club (because some of my friends were crushing on him) but then, yeah, I loved this guy beyond being merely a friend.

Time flies fast when it’s well-spent with the ones you love.

“The only time you could ever look back, is to see how far you’ve come.”


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