What a day…. Wednesday

I woke up around 6, then I got back to sleep again. I feel so restless. DRY for short. I got no one to talk to and I felt I was home alone but my aunt was sleeping in the other room. Very thoughtful tita. She prepared my baon but I didn’t bring it, I just took a bite.

I finally got up by 8 in the morning. I was planning to do the laundry or bathe the dogs. But neither of two was done. I just fed the dogs.

I prepared early for school to get my permit for final exams. I got an afternoon class and it’s a washday Wednesday. I was about to get out of the house, and I received a sudden call from my bestfriend. Even if she said nothing when I asked her what’s wrong, I felt there’s something not right.

I got change of plans. I’ll drop by their house before going to school. I had a glimpse of her, more or less than five minutes, I guess. She’s going to fetch his youngest brother from school though.

Traffic was a day wrecker.
There was a road reblocking somewhere in Pasig, where I live.
And besides, I had a hard time waiting for an fx. I took a jeepney taking me to shaw, I’ll try to take trains. An hour past, and I was still in Pasig. I even took a nap that I thought it was just for ten minutes.

Then I reached the nearest unloading zone heading to shaw. While I was walking, there was a random guy who’s mentally. I got scared so my walk got faster.

Atlast! The trains I took did their jobs just right. I got to school few minutes before the class starts.

Then we had break time. I got a slight argument with this guy.
He loves kitkat but I bought skittles. Then he got it from my bag, he looked so thrilled. I told him a joke. But he took it seriously. Maybe I got a little harsh on him. I apologized. Classes resumed. I got no programming class. So my gay friend decided to practice for the declamation. The three of us searched for a room. Then this guy gone cold. I don’t know what’s running on his mind eventhough he said it was all right.

Dismissal Time, there goes the proof that it was really okay. We’re good. Hahahaha.

Then we parted ways. The jeepney I took got defect tire, so the driver gave back all the passengers’ fees. We’re forced to transfer.
It was traffic because of stoplights.
The jeepney stopped beside a school where there are benches  outside its premises. And in one of those benches, there was a couple showing intimacy in the dark. I changed my view and looked the other way around.
I was about to get down and the jeepney’s tire got deflated. Boo. What a day……Wednesday.


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