Pangsanity Way

Oh, what am I gonna do with you, fegit… lol

75 % of what I have expected was a total opposite. It’s better to expect nothing though, for no disappointments.

He’s such a romantic guy. Having him was surreal. I am very grateful to God.

I am with him, I feel secured.
I’m sad, he’s loaded with pick-up lines and it lightens my heavy toxic day.
I get insecure with others he gives me reassurance.
I get to be fickle-minded, he has tons of patience to wait ’til I finally decided.
I don’t do my tasks, he always remind me and make sure I do it.

He knows when I am keeping some thoughts from him. And it’s like I knew him before, way way back before…. The connection, glob…

I hope he won’t change as days go by. And I hope he also talks about his thoughts more. lol. Fact accepted that I can’t read minds, but I’m well aware I can feel.


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