Hi pal

Dear you,

I wanna thank you for all the good times we had, for the great laughs we shared, for the epic fails and chitchats.

You were the first blockmate I knew in college. You were the first gay-friend that I had this close. I really don’t understand your mood at times, I don’t know if your jokes were half-meant, if how long have you been mad at me, if there were times you faked your laugh and smile, if you still like him or what.

I am very sorry for offending you with my jokes. Sometimes I don’t think before I act. It has been a cycle. I say sorry then I repeat it again. You endure it and you’ve managed to.keep your anger to yourself.

Thank you for the tons of patience and self-composure you had.

If you have had enough of me, it is fine. If you want this friendship over, I understand. We could do purely school works, if that’s what you want,  just business.

Thank you and again, I’m deeply sorry.


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