It’s Janine!

There’s this short girl who has been my classmate in high school. We were classmates for two years, junior and senior year, the climax of ny high school life.

I don’t understand her mood, her personality, so I kind of like of not approaching her during the early period of school days.

But as days go by, we tend to interact with each other. We became groupmates. At first, we talk about school works and as time goes, we also tend to talk about our lives, too.

I was a class officer back then and she has been my side kick. We were both always the last to close the classroom, the ones who updates the bulletin board,  do our homeworks inside the classroom, who gets to be excused for nothing, who gets to be scolded(usually our breakfast way back in senior year) and has been trusted by our adviser/s. We were the ones who love to bring food in the classroom even if it’s forbidden, she’s my foodtrip buddy.

And as of today that we are in our sophomore year in different school, despite our toxic schedules, we managed to keep in touch. Talk about what goes under the sun. Love, family problem, academics, name it.

She was a witness to my transition. From being a girl with steelheart and who just cares about career to being a girl full of love and positivity (she says I’m a positive

I was a witness as her relationship grew. There’s her high school sweetheart and they’re going strong.

She is not merely a friend but part of the family now.


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